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Feeling the Fear? Just do it anyway.
When Dr. Susan Jeffers wrote her guidebook on facing fear, one wonders if she was afraid that it wouldn’t sell? Fear is something we all face, and according to Jeffers, it comes from our own uncertainty that we won’t be able to handle the situation. Her message? Just keep going—which is exactly what Jeffers did. […]
We Grow Fearless When We Do the Things We Fear
The word “fear” is only four letters, but it has a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. Fear can either be a gatekeeper, locking us away from life’s best moments, or a motivator, inspiring and allowing us to live life to the fullest. Allowing fear in and taking (reasonable) risks is essential for […]
Digital Growth Institute – Know Thyself: How Financial Leaders Can Leverage Conative Self-Awareness
Exciting Podcast Alert 🎙️! Had an amazing conversation with James Robert Lay, the Founder and Host of Banking on Digital Growth Podcast from DigitalGrowthInstitute. James Robert Lay is a leading digital marketing author, speaker, and advisors for financial brands. He is also the author of the bestselling book, Banking on Digital Growth. Tune in to […]
The Impulsive Thinker – DISC Personality Assessment
Interesting conversation with André Brisson, the founder of Tactical Breakthroughs and an experienced ADHD coach, on his #ADHD Impulsive Thinker podcast. André has been advocate for neurodiversity in the business realm and provides resources to high-achieving individuals with ADHD on their entrepreneurial journeys. In this podcast, we delved into the four #DISC communication styles (Dominant, […]
ReSourcePro – Strategies for Developing Talent, Maintaining Culture, and Effectively Collaborating
Scintillating conversation with Susan Toussaint and Frank Pennachio from ReSourcePro for their Kaleidoscope Podcast. Susan Toussaint specializes in training, coaching, and creating programs to help insurance professionals in overcoming obstacles with organic growth. Frank Pennachio, with over 30 years of experience as an agent and producer in the insurance agency, has trained numerous insurance professionals leveraging his expertise. On […]
Aim for the “Magic” Middle
When you want to connect with your audience, whether it’s one person or a group of hundreds plus, there will be people with your natural style and others that are completely different. So how do you make sure you’re tailoring your presentation to each person’s needs without missing the mark with all of them? The answer, […]
Build Your Resilience Reserves for Success
Stress is a part of life and provides both negative and positive results. Good stress hones our abilities and keeps us focused on the best aspects of our performance. However, bad stress can be dangerous to our physical and mental health. Our resilience gets us through the troughs and keeps us at the peak of […]
Do you think you only need to work harder to be more successful?
 Jeff Bezos wanted to be a physicist until he realized he was good, but not great. So instead he founded Amazon. That is the short version of a much longer story with a few more steps until he became the richest man in the world. But the essence of his path is one that all […]
Are you a high S on the #DISC?
DISC is great tool for self-awareness. It measures your personality style and provides insight into how to better communicate. But sometimes people are biased towards a style different than their own. The most often misunderstood style is Supportive because people with a high S can be quiet and helpful, which can be confused as being […]
Success is knowing when to hold fast and when to bend
Should you focus on your strengths or fix your weaknesses? Too often we are coached to fix what is assumed to be broken and we ignore what seems to be working fine. Dr. Robert A. Rohm has made a career of helping people to better understand their personality strengths using the assessment he created to […]