We Grow Fearless When We Do the Things We Fear

We Grow Fearless When We Do the Things We Fear

The word “fear” is only four letters, but it has a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. Fear can either be a gatekeeper, locking us away from life’s best moments, or a motivator, inspiring and allowing us to live life to the fullest. Allowing fear in and taking (reasonable) risks is essential for our growth and development. Sometimes fear is also just our aversion to change and when we allow ourselves to step into uncertainty, we open up new facets of our personality. Sometimes, it’s not the scary thing itself, just our reaction to what scares us that makes all the difference.

For most people, meeting a new dog is fun and exciting, but for some of us, encountering a dog can be very scary. If you grew up in an area with a lot of stray dogs on the streets, encountering one can be frightening (if you’re afraid of them). Picture this: you’re out on the street, trying to get home, but a pack of stray dogs are blocking your path. You’re left with a difficult decision to make – either tiptoe past the dogs (gripped with fear) or make a run for it (again, with fear in every step). Running away seems like the easiest option, until you find yourself in the same situation again in the future. And the fear strikes again.

Instead, if you face your fear head-on, passing by the dogs, even with shaky legs and a pretend appearance of confidence, it can feel like a victory. Hopefully, you eventually become less afraid of the strays and more confident on your walks home. This simple moment teaches us to keep facing our fears head on, so a future day will come when you’ll overcome your fear of something, or at least build a tolerance, and you’re no longer intimidated.

The key to combating fear is confidence. Sometimes the confidence is real, but sometimes it’s manufactured to deal with a scary situation at hand. For a few people, confidence comes as easy as breathing, but for most of us, it takes practise and risk-taking to develop it. Think of facing your fears as a daily activity, like brushing your teeth. Do it consistently and instead of letting it take you over, you learn to embrace it.

Confidence is freedom. Freedom to act. Freedom to voice your opinions. Freedom to be the best version of yourself. Freedom to experience a fuller life. Building your confidence takes effort and time but is a very rewarding journey that is full of surprises. So take risks, and when you see them turning into rewarding outcomes, you will start believing that sometimes opportunities are just a step away and all you have to do is ACT. Ask yourself: How different would life be if fear didn’t stop you from taking action?

Quote from Robin Sharma.