The Resilience Cultivator™

The Resilience Cultivator™
Adapt to Adversity and Emerge Stronger

Your life won’t always go the way you expect. Fate will hand you trials and trauma. But with awareness, effort, and commitment, you can adapt and manage these challenges and even turn them into opportunities for positive growth.

Your resilience is your ability to adapt to stress and bounce back quickly. You’re naturally born with some of it. And you build more the hard way—through trial by fire. But resilience is also something you can learn to develop so that it’s available when you need it. The key to success is your perspective of how much control and influence you have in any situation.

The Resistance Cultivator teaches you and your team how to build and strengthen your resilience and use it to achieve your goals. Stress is an unavoidable part of life. But by consciously practicing methods and techniques that allow you to recover from past challenges and make yourself ready to meet future ones, you and your team can avoid the dangers it presents to your physical and mental health and use it to hone your abilities and stay at the top of your game.

With resilience training and coaching, you can:

  • Identify your strengths, your blind spots, and your triggers
  • Develop problem-solving skills and contingency plans
  • Build beneficial connections and partnerships
  • Face your fears, take risks, and stretch yourself
  • Find a sense of purpose during and after a crisis
  • Learn from each challenge to be ready for the next one

The Program

The Resilience Cultivator begins with each participant completing a short prework. Using the Reach Backward™ for Resilience worksheet, participants reflect on how they have built resilience in the past through key rewarding accomplishments and/or overcoming any daunting situations in their lives.

The team session is a fun, interactive, and engaging experience. Through a combination of concepts and exercises, participants learn how a variety of strengths can complement and benefit everyone on the team. Often delivered as a half-day workshop or 2-hour WebEd virtual session, we can customize the program to meet your needs.

Supplementary Resilience Cultivator Products and Services

Before the session, if the participants have completed assessment tools, such as Kolbe*, CliftonStrengths†, and DISC**, the team leader receives a summary team report, which outlines the diversity of your workgroup’s strengths. We also provide guidance on how best to use this information, both in one-on-one development and in maximizing team interaction.


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