My Strengths Advantage™

My Strengths Advantage™
Uncover Your Strengths, Multiply Your Success

Do you play to your natural strengths, building on what you’re good at and love to do? Or do you struggle to overcome weaknesses? Working from strength is the smart choice—it’s proven to create extraordinary results.

Using the CliftonStrengths* assessment tool, we engage your team’s natural hardwired talents and help them unleash their full capabilities with The Multiplier Effect. By understanding their best strengths, your team develops a competitive advantage. No longer preoccupied by fixing weaknesses, and with each person operating at their individual best, a near-perfect synergy can take hold.

My Strengths Advantage™ goes even further—we equip you and your team with the capacity to cultivate, practice, and fine-tune your strengths, over time, into well-honed abilities. Imagine what you could achieve if everyone on your team were performing almost perfectly every day: productivity, engagement, inspiration, and results. When you build on strength, success comes easily.

With our team training and leadership coaching, you can:

  • Identify your very best talents
  • Discern when to focus on strengths and when to mitigate weaknesses
  • Learn how to apply your strengths at work to produce phenomenal results
  • Build effective personal development plans
  • Cultivate and support a culture of extraordinary leadership
  • Develop a workforce of happier, healthier team members
  • Improve your own and your team’s performance by up to three times

The Program

My Strengths Advantage begins with each participant completing the CliftonStrengths survey—an online questionnaire that takes about 35 minutes. Participants receive an instant report with their Top 5 Signature Strengths (or their full 34). They also receive selected exercises to better understand their results and prepare for the session, which takes an additional 25 minutes.

Before the session, the team leader receives a summary Strengths Inventory report, which outlines the diversity of your workgroup’s strengths. We also provide guidance on how best to use these strengths, both in one-on-one development and in maximizing team productivity.

The team session is a fun, interactive, and engaging experience. Through a combination of explanation and exercises, participants learn how a variety of strengths can complement and benefit everyone on the team. Often delivered as a half-day workshop or 2-hour WebEd virtual session, we can customize the program to meet your needs.

Individual Interpretations (optional)

Many groups also take advantage of the optional one-on-one  interpretations. These can be for each team member or with selected people such as team leaders. In these conversations, participants will have a personalized and more detailed explanation of their CliftonStrengths results. It’s a great way to help them more fully understand what the results mean for them, their career, and their team.


*Gallup®, CliftonStrengths®, and each of the 34 CliftonStrengths theme names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. Used under certification licence.