Build Your Resilience Reserves for Success

Build Your Resilience Reserves for Success

Stress is a part of life and provides both negative and positive results. Good stress hones our abilities and keeps us focused on the best aspects of our performance. However, bad stress can be dangerous to our physical and mental health. Our resilience gets us through the troughs and keeps us at the peak of our potential. Resilience can be developed and is then available when needed. The key for success is our perspective of how much control and influence we have in any situation.

Moving through difficult situations can be frustrating, painful, and exhausting. When we don’t pay enough attention to the stresss in our life, we can burn out. Although some people appear more resilient than others, we are not necessarily hard-wired through distinctive personality traits to more easily manage stress. Resilience can be learned and built by understanding and managing our thoughts, behaviours, and actions through time and commitment to targeted strategies.

Building our resilience reserves falls into 6 major categories: self-awareness, appreciation, mindfulness, well-being, connections, and being purposeful. There are different actions you can take in each of these categories to increase the amount of learned resilience you have available. These reserves enhance what you naturally have and help you manage distressful situations.

Think about what goals would most build your resilience. For each goal, write down what actions you can take to achieve them. When you cultivate your resilience, you’ll be surprised by how much more equipped you are to deal with stress in the future.

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