Build Better Relationships & More Effective Teams

Why do you get along with some people and experience conflict with others? How do we improve these interactions? How can you get the best from clients, friends, team members—and yourself? Taking control of your life, your team, and your business starts by understanding your abilities and knowing how to integrate them successfully with others.

While most approaches to understanding people look at what is wrong or what needs to be fixed. DISC focuses on your beneficial personal attributes and traits and how to use them effectively in your daily life. Developing your unique personality to effectively use your behaviour to have a more enjoyable life and greater career success.

With DISCovery!, professional relationships grow stronger between team members, clients, and partners. By understanding the basic behaviour patterns where each person excels, we guide you through the process of understanding the people around you. This allows us to create strategies together to enable each person to fully complement each other. Your team interactions become easier, stronger, and more cohesive. DISC even extends beyond team building into facilitating better relationships in all areas of your life.

With DISC training and coaching, you can:

  • Boost team building and performance
  • Improve communication and relationships
  • Identify strengths
  • Develop amazing people skills
  • Unlock leadership potential
  • Reduce stress and conflict at work and home
  • Direct your personal and career development

The Program

DISCovery! begins with each participant completing their DISC assessment—an online questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes. Participants receive a detailed and personalized report that reveals their:

  • Natural strengths and motivations
  • Key communication traits
  • Decision-making styles and priorities
  • Way of relating to others
  • Value as a team member
  • And much more…

Before the session, the team leader receives a summary team report, which outlines the diversity of your workgroup’s communication styles. We also provide guidance on how best to use this information, both in one-on-one development and in maximizing team interaction.

The team session is a fun, interactive, and engaging experience. Through a combination of explanation and exercises, participants learn how a variety of styles can complement and benefit everyone on the team. Often delivered as a half-day workshop or 2-hour WebEd virtual session, we can customize the program to meet your needs.

Individual Interpretations (optional)

Many groups also take advantage of the optional one-on-one  interpretations. These can be for each team member or with selected people such as team leaders. In these conversations, participants will have a personalized and more detailed explanation of their DISC results. It’s a great way to help them more fully understand what the results mean for them, their career, and their team.