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DOSE of Happiness™

A Prescription to Positively Shift Your Mindset

In difficult times, it’s easy to dwell on loss and be emotionally dragged down. Despite the challenges, we can increase positivity and joy by borrowing from the science of feel-good hormones—dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. The levels of these hormones can be boosted when we engage in beneficial activities. By proactively stimulating increased amounts of all four, we can generate a DOSE of Happiness.

The Confidence Cultivator™

Harnessing The Power Within to Navigate Challenge, Change, and Opportunity

Learn how to create the best conditions to nourish your confidence by reflecting on how you have managed in times of turmoil and triumph. By analyzing your personal confidence killers and builders, you can leverage your insights to ensure your future achievements. Although we may all slide down at times, with enhanced awareness, we can climb back up to succeed.