Stand Out!™

Stand Out!™
Boost Your Career With a Powerful Personal Brand

You can’t sit back and hope to grow. To realize your full potential, move higher, and feel great about what you do, you need to cultivate a personal brand. Take charge of your career—after all, it’s yours.

The rules have changed. You use to be able to put your head down and work away until you were tapped on the shoulder for your next promotion. Hard work was recognized and rewarded. But at a certain level of success, all of your peers are as capable as you and some of them are leaving you behind.

Now it’s up to you to create your next career opportunity—on your own. You need to be able to speak about your talents and value independently of your current position, title, or past achievements. Stand out from the pack or risk being forgotten.

And of course, great organizations also need to provide opportunities for their top talent to grow or risk losing them to a competitor.

The Stand Out! program was designed to help high-potential people supercharge their careers. By discovering and unlocking the value you offer, you can:

  • Discover what makes you different from everyone else
  • Learn how to distill your strengths and talents into a powerful personal brand
  • Develop go-to language for describing your value to the workplace
  • Cultivate a tremendous reputation that opens career doors
  • Improve your job satisfaction by being more in control
  • Elevate your ability to guide others in personal development planning

The Session

Stand Out is usually offered as a full-day interactive virtual session that covers concepts and exercises to help you understand the power of personal branding and how to leverage it for your career. Throughout the session, we explore:

  • The critical components of an effective brand in today’s networked world
  • How to dissect and analyze past feedback to discover your unique brand elements
  • The secret to summarizing a personal brand effectively
  • How to craft a bio that gets attention
  • Where to use personal branding to advance your career
  • The confidence that comes from knowing the unique value you bring to the organization

Before the workshop, we ask you to prepare by finding various items of past feedback on your performance. We also ask you to speak with your trusted advisors to garner critical insights into your professional brand identity. If you’ve completed assessment tools, such as Kolbe*, CliftonStrengths†, and DISC, bring those results as well.

At the end of the session, you will have exercises, reference materials, and tools along with specific action items to complete. From sprucing up your online profiles to building your network, the takeaway activities ensure the workshop’s benefits extend far beyond the session.

Note, the Stand Out! program delivers value all on its own. But it gains power when paired with assessment tools such as Kolbe, CliftonStrengths, and DISC. The more insights you have, the more refined your brand becomes.


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