Winning Together With Kolbe™

Winning Together With Kolbe™
Unlock The Natural Secret To Team Success

Are you using your natural energy and talents to create the best possible results? Or do you force yourself to do things in a way that goes against your grain? Learn to use your instinctive talents to maximize your performance.

Kolbe results focus on our instincts—the power behind all our actions and the source of our mental energy. By understanding the way you naturally get things done, you free yourself up to harness your best talents. You become more productive. You achieve more, are happier, and even have improved family life. We know this because it’s all based on helping you do what you do best.

Expanding these insights to your organization allows you to build collaborative teams, reduce stress, and drive productivity. By understanding how your people naturally solve problems, they can be more effective and engaged. You can even use Kolbe to recruit the best fit for each role.

With our team training and leadership coaching, you can:

  • Uncover the natural ways your team members take action
  • Understand how each person’s inherent talent affects team dynamics
  • Select the right people for the right jobs
  • Reduce stress in your workplace
  • Enhance your communication, coaching, and mentoring skills
  • Provide the highest probability for team success

The Program

Winning Together With Kolbe begins with each participant completing their Kolbe A* Index—an online questionnaire that takes about 20 minutes. Participants receive a detailed and personalized report that explains their unique way of getting things done.

Before the session, the team leader receives a team productivity report, which outlines the diversity of your of talent and natural energy in the work group. We identify potential communication and team performance issues and provide recommendations for improvement. And we help the leader separate Kolbe-related issues from other team dynamics.

The team session is a fun, interactive, and engaging experience. Through a combination of concepts and exercises, participants learn how a variety of styles can complement and benefit everyone on the team. Often delivered as a half-day workshop or 2-hour WebEd virtual session, we can customize the program to meet your needs.

Individual Interpretations (optional)

Many groups also take advantage of the optional one-on-one  interpretations. These can be for each team member or with selected people such as team leaders. In these conversations, participants will have a personalized and more detailed explanation of their Kolbe result. It’s a great way to help them more fully understand what the results mean for them, their career, and their team.


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