From self-awareness, comes the cultivation of capabilities. Whether you want to develop your own abilities or those of your team members, there are interactive, education workshops for all needs.

Winning Together With Kolbe – Unlock The Secret to Team Success
Are you using your natural energy and talents to create the best possible results? Kolbe teaches you how to achieve more, build a collaborative team, understand your customers better, and even have an improved family life—all based on doing what you do best!
This workshop shows how to direct your natural instincts to achieve improved results.
Kolbe A Profile and all materials included.

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My Strengths Advantage – Uncover Your Strengths, Multiply Your Success
Working from strength is the smart choice—it’s proven to create extraordinary results. Identify your raw talent and learn how to name it, claim it, and aim it for personal and career growth.
This workshop provides practical tools to focus your strengths and maximize results.
StrengthsFinder 2.0 book, profile, and all materials included.

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Stand Out! – Boost Your Career With a Powerful Personal Brand
You can’t sit back and hope to grow. To realize your full potential, move higher, and feel great about what you do, you need to cultivate a personal brand. Take charge of your career, know how to describe your value to others, and build your network.
This workshop provides the ideal tools for building robust career development plans.
All materials included.
Next date: Toronto – Thurs. April 3, 2020

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DISCovery! – Build Better Relationships & More Effective Teams
How can you get the best from clients, family, friends, team members—and yourself! DISC helps you understand people so that you can improve your relationships and be more productive.
This workshop will reduce conflict, foster team building, and improve performance.

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