Isabel Giraldo

“Every course I have taken with Reach Capabilities has helped me accelerate my career goals. They have helped me identify my strengths, how to work best with others and most importantly how to articulate my value and being comfortable with promoting me!”

Kimahli Powell

“Reach Capabilities has been a crucial part of Rainbow Railroad’s growth. As we grew from one staff to 13, Reach helped us understand what conative skill sets were the best fit for the new roles we were created – in a way that was enlightening, illuminating, and fun! They also provided useful human resource management […]

Slavica Kacarevic

“Reach Capabilities was insightful and provided great content in an “edutaining” way. Not once did I look at the clock or think I wish this day would end. Well worth the time and investment.”

Rob Sibthorpe

“We had Kolbe profiles done for our whole team. Now, whenever we need to hire someone new, we use the Kolbe RightFit assessment to identify the people who best match both the job opening and the team. Knowing how someone will act in a role is fantastically powerful during the hiring process. The Kolbe tools […]

George Carras

“The Kolbe session was one of the best growth experiences we’ve had as a group.”

Robert Lewis

“Relationships are the most important thing – period. The best way to develop a great relationship is to get to know someone’s abilities and strengths. Kolbe profiles quickly tell me so much about a person and how to connect with them, whether they are a client, team member, or family. Reach Capabilities is our go-to […]

Neil Balbirnie

“We’ve used the Kolbe framework for over 3 years now to provide insights on how we, as individuals and as a team, approach challenges and how we can best leverage our collective strengths to deliver greater value to our business partners. In understanding natural inclinations to action, my team’s work style has evolved to one […]

Feaz Rahim

“A crucial aspect to success in any business is developing a great team to support your strategic initiatives. By knowing my strengths, I know where to focus my time. By knowing the strengths of my team, I know how to position them to do their best work. Reach Capabilities helped me to know myself and […]

Chris Stamper

“There are three key benefits from Reach Capabilities workshops: individual and team development, improved performance, and an amazing team experience. The Kolbe workshop gave my team a snapshot of how to effectively communicate with each other and our internal clients. It helped everyone know themselves better and through the program, we developed new ways to […]