The Capability Cultivator™

The Capability Cultivator, our unique five-stage process, fosters and expands your natural abilities, propelling you and your teams to new levels of achievement.The Capability Cultivator - Five Stage Process

1: Your Insight Stimulator ™
The process begins with a systematic investigation into your existing strategy and situation. Targeted questions stimulate your thinking and help you gain a better understanding of your resources, opportunities, talents, and limitations.

2: Your Critical Path Clarifier ™
After identifying your desired goals and outcomes, we create a focused plan for helping you achieve them. The plan clarifies which strategic elements exist, which ones are missing, and what needs to be created to reach higher and farther in the most efficient way possible.

3: Your Program Producer ™
Stage 3 launches with the design of tools and programs that put strategies into motion. Each component is tailored to your personal and organizational profile to optimize growth, motivation, and achievement. New programs are integrated fully into existing activities to support and enhance current initiatives.

4: Your Performance Booster ™
It’s time to present and integrate the newly created programs into your overall strategy. Your capabilities grow and improve as the learning opportunities designed in Stage 3 are implemented. Training, coaching and mentoring come together to boost performance and help you better execute on strategy.

5: Your SmartRate Monitor ™
Follow-up assessments monitor the ongoing return of The Capability Cultivator and ensure gains become embedded in your organization. As opportunities for change and improvement are identified, further training is implemented to build upon your growing knowledge and experience.

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