Sarah Ashfield

“Profound! I found this workshop to be an excellent use of time and a great pace to have a healthy discussion. Even though the insights may seem obvious, when I reflect on them, I realized how much work I need to do! I also wrote down many helpful tips and things I am committed to […]

Kayla Wei

“Stand Out truly allowed me to reflect on bringing a collection of my skills, experiences, emotions and actions into an impactful statement of my personal brand.”

Ajay Nandalall

If you are looking to take the next step in your personal or career development, whether or not you’re seeking guidance, the Reach Capabilities workshop is the catalyst through which you will recognize and realize your potential!”

Gurgen Danielian

“Instilled confidence in my ability to talk about myself with a purpose.”

Chris Dancy

“The first course I’ve taken that I can immediately implement PLUS I will have immediate and obvious results.”

Prakash Amarasooriya

“Wayne and Ross are arguably some of the best facilitators of leadership development around. Their consistency in developing a personalized and thoughtful workshop is a guarantee that you will never be disappointed in working with them.”

Jennifer Mendonca

“Ross and Wayne deliver the material in this session with great enthusiasm, insights and plenty of engagement. The material covered in this session can change the path of your career. I’m leaving feeling truly inspired.”

Isabel Giraldo

“Every course I have taken with Reach Capabilities has helped me accelerate my career goals. They have helped me identify my strengths, how to work best with others and most importantly how to articulate my value and being comfortable with promoting me!”

Sandra Sherman

“The Stand Out! Workshop has given me the confidence to better articulate my value proposition!”

Adam Farr

“Ross and Wayne provide a fun and engaging learning environment. I really enjoyed the practical exercises and activities that helped paint an insightful and focused glimpse into my personal brand and how I can conscientiously plan and mindfully move forward.”